central vacuum repairs:

We Service and repair all Central Vacuum Systems.  Whether it's a problem with the power unit, the hose or a clog in the piping, we can help.  Give us a call @ (515) 223-0691 and schedule a service call today!

Vacuum repairs:

A Clean House specializes in repairing vacuum cleaners.  We can service any vacuum cleaner in the Des Moines and surrounding areas, including portable vacuums and central vacuums.  A Clean House offers vacuum repair for any portable vacuum.  We repair both bagless vacuums and vacuums with bags.  We're skilled in diagnosing vacuum cleaner problems, and repairing the vacuums through intense cleaning and/or part replacement.  You don't have to purchase your vacuum at A Clean House in order for us to repair it.  We also service and repair Central Vacuum Systems.  Give us a call @ (515) 225-0691 or stop by, we can help! 

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